Wednesday Reflection

Good morning.
My devotion this morning spoke to how much we rely on WiFi. Are you one that becomes anxious when you WiFi goes out? How challenged are you when you lose your smartphone, iPhone or Android? Do these things control your life?  These things can be either a distraction or a blessing.
In my reading this morning the questions were: “Do we check our social networks compulsively throughout the day? What does that say about the things we hunger for? And do the things we read or view online encourage sensible living, or are we feeding on trash….gossip, slander, materialism?
Now, the final question is “are we as connected to the higher power as we are to WiFi?” Or do we take for granted that the connection just happens without our stopping to tap into it? What would it be like if we were as aggressive with God as we are with our online aggressiveness?
Take time today, tomorrow and beyond to “FaceTime” God; take a few moments to “Instagram” God; What about a SnapChat prayer today? Let’s give God some of our WiFi time!
Have a blessed Day!
Pastor Akousa