Wednesday Reflection

God Inside of You

During my childhood I collected dolls. My uncles traveled and would bring me dolls from all over the world. I cherished them all as I set them on a shelf in my bedroom built by my grandfather.  I was amazed at how different and beautiful they were. Early one morning in the winter of 1960, there was an electric fire in my home and the house burned down to the ground. The only thing left of the house was the chimney, and all we had were the pajamas we were wearing. As a child, all I could think and cry about was the loss of my dolls. I held on to that pain for a long time. One day a family member gave me a rag doll. One day as I was playing with the doll I realized that there was a small zipper in the back of the doll.  When I opened it, I found the treasure that made the doll who it was. There was a frame placed inside to make the arms stand out,the head to sit up and the body and legs to have form.  Removing the frame, made the doll limp and every part of it drooped.

This body we walk around in is given shape, power and love because of God. When we allow God to live inside of us, it shapes the person God would have us to be. God guides our thoughts, how we use our mind, hands, feet and entire bodies to do what He/She has planned for our lives. Without God we are much like a rag doll, without form, substance and power.

Today, be reminded that you are created by the most powerful entity, God! Let God live inside of you, in every part of your being and see how wonderful life can be. It’s what’s inside that counts!


Elder Akosua