Wednesday Reflection

Don’t Doubt…Do A New Thing!

I did want to take a moment to talk about how “doubt” closes many doors that are open to us. Have you ever been in a situation that looks like it is a good fit for you however  your doubt holds you back from pursing an opportunity that could change your life for the better? We spend a great deal of time doubting ourselves; listening to others to decide what our future holds for us. We often fear being successful. We have this “I am not good enough; I am not smart enough, I am to old or two young. Every excuse we can come up with to keep us from stepping out on faith. Faith erases doubt, and is just the thing we need to move us forward in life.

Stay conscious of every time you doubt yourself. Pay close attention to when and why you doubt yourself, Stay aware of how you deal with situations that can change your life and impact those around you. Change doubt to determination  moving forward and trust God in all things! Do some new things, let go of some old things that are not working for you in this season. DO A NEW THING!


Elder Dyan “Akousa” McCray-Peters