Wednesday Reflection

March 13, 2019

I encourage each of you reading this reflection today to recognize that the forty days of “Lent” are days when we will be challenged, bothered, uneasy and off-centered. When we look at history we are reminded that from the earliest centuries of Christianity, preparation for the new life of spring has been paralleled by the interior preparation for a new beginning. In the Bible we read about the 40 days that Noah witnessed, prior to God sending the rainbow; and the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness as He prepared to proclaim His message to the world. Lent is our time of retreat! And just like the two incidents I just mentioned, with all of their challenges and changes, we also will go through challenges and changes during this time.

Don’t be surprised if things are a bit off kilter for you. Don’t be surprised that you begin to feel challenged by life changes. If you are a feeling person, you will feel the sacredness of these forty days. We have just gone through winter and now our spirits experience the thaw of our soul. That’s why during Lent we participate in meaningful prayer time, fasting, and doing good deeds for others.

Remember that Jesus showed through His ministry on earth, that there is no hurt so great that it cannot be healed. Jesus’ death and resurrection is a promise of new, abundant life. During the 40 days of Lent, we will experience many ups and downs (remember what Jesus went through). Be mindful, patient (especially with yourself). There is a new you that will spring forth during this upcoming Spring season. Prepare for your peace, joy, happiness, and abundance!

This earth that God created and sent His only son Jesus the Christ to, will go through a metamorphosis (trees, grass, moon, sun, stars, etc.) and since you reside on this planet, so will you! Prepare to “Spring Forth” in the coming days following this incredibly powerful time!

Love to each of you,

Pastor Akosua