Wednesday Reflection

February 13, 2019

As you prepare to celebrate “Valentine’s Day” tomorrow, let’s take a moment to look at love as a choice. First, let us identify the types of love to be celebrated and the choices we make to do so.

There is Agape love, which is a universal love for mankind, much like the love God gives. Then there is Philia which speaks to friendship, which extends goodwill to all. And there is Eros love, which speaks to sexual and passionate love, present in romance. There is also Storge love which is familial and that which exists between parents and their children.  Ludus love is uncommitted and playful love (teasing, dancing, flirting). 

I would suggest that when you say “I Love You” the aforementioned types of love could be identified. Corinthians 13 identifies love’s characteristics as being “kind, patient, long-suffering, not easily provoked, thinking no evil, moving away from iniquity, rejoicing in the truth, having hope and a strong power of endurance. In this narrative Paul clearly offers adjectives and actions associated with love.

The question is, how do you define love?  Where in this narrative do you position yourself? Do you identify with any of the types of love mentioned? How do you love? And more importantly, are you able to apply the characteristic with how you feel about yourself?

Love is a choice which speaks to the care in selecting and understanding love. Give the best love you can; receive love the best you can; feel love and embrace it’s power on it’s many levels and through it’s many attributes. 
Wishing you a beautiful “Valentines Day” tomorrow and everyday!


Rev. Elder Akosua McCray-Peters